• Community groups

    Our community groups are the best way for you to get plugged into the life of our church.  These groups act as the "ministry hub" for building relationships over a meal in a home, serving in the Redeemer's Sunday hospitality ministry, and sharing the love of Christ in word and deed in our neighborhoods. We have 5 groups starting back up after Labor Day 2019, with the addition of a new group (* = kid friendly).  Please visit one of more to find where you fit and get plugged in!  Click the calendar link above to view contact and location info for each group.

    • MacDonald/Danner group:  1st & 3rd Wednesdays *
    • Walsted/McDaniel group:  1st & 3rd Wednesdays
    • Martin group:  1st & 3rd Wednesdays
    • Rothbard/Robart Community Group: 1st & 3rd Fridays *
    • Medina Community Group:  2nd & 4th Fridays
    • Koehler Community Group: 2nd & 4th Fridays *
  • Christian Education

    Our Christian Education hour begins Sundays at 9:15 and meets in rooms located in the church and ministry house next door. The nursery (infants through 4 years old) will be open during this time.  Our Fall 2019 classes include:

    • Children [K-5th grade]: VERY BIG MISTAKES PEOPLE MADE AND WHAT GOD DID WITH THEM- This is a new twist on teaching Bible stories.  There will be discussion and application to the lives of our children.  After all, how many of us get to know a Pharaoh?  We need to figure out how these important Bible stories apply to us. These classes will meet in the children's classrooms in the church and are separated into K-2nd & 3rd-5th.
    • Youth [6th-12th]: BIBLE SURVEY- the youth will weekly examine the books of the Bible, starting in the Old Testament, by reading and reviewing key Bible stories, poetry, and epistles to learn and understand their background, literary qualities, and message.  Students at every level can have their faith encouraged by gaining a better appreciation of the reliability of sacred Scripture. This class will meet in the new “Youth Garage” in the ministry house next door.
    • Adult: WESTMINSTER CONFESSION OF FAITH -   The Westminster Confession is one of founding documents of our Church and is a good way to be exposed to the Scripture in a summary form.  Since this is one of the foundation documents of the Presbyterian church, and has stood the test of time from 1643 until today, it can be of great value in helping you define and articulate your faith.  
    • Adult:  REDEEMER 101- What is your church's vision?  What exactly does Redeemer believe?  How is your church structured?  What does it mean to become a member?  If these are some of the questions you have been asking yourself or others about Redeemer, then we encourage you to attend our 101 class this fall!  Redeemer 101 is for anyone who would like to be introduced to Redeemer's VISION, VALUES [theology and church government], and VOWS that one takes to become a member.  While this class is designed to be a helpful introduction for all, if you are interested in becoming a member, then you need to plan to attend.  We will meet in the classroom next to the nursery.
    • Adult: PRACTICING THE KING'S ECONOMY - The church in the West is rediscovering the fact that God cares deeply for the poor.  More and more, churches and individual Christians are looking for ways to practice economic discipleship, but it’s hard to make progress when we are blind to our own entanglement in our cultures’ idolatrous economic beliefs and practices.  Practicing the King’s Economy invites Christians to take their place within the biblical story of the “King Jesus Economy.”  Through eye-opening true stories of economic discipleship in action, and with a solid exploration of six key biblical themes, the authors offer practical ways for God’s people to earn, invest, spend, compensate, save, share, and give in ways that embody God’s love and provision for the world. This class will meet in the house next door.
    • Adult:  CREATORS IN CHRIST - Ladies bible study class about Christian women using our natural and learned gifts and skills to bring beauty into our lives.  No artistic skills required for class!  Easy, upbeat, glorifying conversation based on God's Word.  The class will reference the book "The Hidden Art of Homemaking:  Creative ideas for Enriching Everyday Life" by Edith Schaeffer.

  • Weekly prayer

    Join us every Tuesday morning at the church, at 6:30am, to begin the day by interceding in prayer on behalf of our congregation.

  • women's ministry

    The women's ministry seeks to authentically connect our women with Christ and one another by teaching and demonstrating biblical womanhood through the scriptures, and by following our helper design to come alongside our church leaders in sharing the good news of Christ. We work with one another in supporting A Woman's Choice and Repurpose Art Studio.  In addition to these outreach opportunities, we also periodically host other women's events such as breakfasts, baby showers, etc.  These events focus on fellowship, personal connection, and connection with scripture. We also have several "Femaleship" (female fellowship) dinners at various restaurants in the area throughout the year. Click the calendar link above for specific event dates.  Our Women's Ministry Facilitator, Kori Stolzman, can be contacted at kastolzm@gmail.com.

  • Men's Ministry

    • Men's Firepit - This is a great time for men to get together around the fire and talk about life. Our firepit meetings start in October when the weather cools down and end in March with a NCAA March Madness watch party.  We meet every second Thursday at 7:00pm at the firepit behind Redeemer during those months.
    • Samson Society - A fellowship of Christian men who are serious about authenticity, community, humility & recovery.  Serious, not grave.  Meets weekly on Mondays at Redeemer.  

  • Redeemer Kids

    We love our Redeemer kids and love pointing them to Jesus through age appropriate Christian education classes [see classes offered above], a caring and playful nursery for our babies and toddlers, catechism training [4 year old- 2nd grade] during the sermon portion of our worship, and fun seasonal events throughout the year! Click the calendar link above for specific event dates.

  • Redeemer Youth

    Redeemer youth [6th-12th] meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm at the church for Bible study, snacks, and games.  We will be following the Sunday sermon on the second half of Romans through engaging questions and practical applications from the weekly passage.  Likewise, the youth get together for special events like bowling, Family Fun Center, and mission trips!  Click the calendar link above for specific event dates.