• Community groups

    Contact your current leader regarding plans to regather on Zoom or other socially distanced opportunities.  If you were not part of a community group prior to the  COVID-19 outbreak and would like to hear about ways to connect with others in the church, please contact the church office.
  • Christian Education

    Sunday school will not be meeting for the fall term as we closely monitor the COVID-19 situation.

  • women's ministry

    The women's ministry seeks to authentically connect our women with Christ and one another by teaching and demonstrating biblical womanhood through the scriptures, and by following our helper design to come alongside our church leaders in sharing the good news of Christ. We work with one another in supporting A Woman's Choice and Repurpose Art Studio.  In addition to these outreach opportunities, we also periodically host other women's events such as breakfasts, baby showers, etc.  These events focus on fellowship, personal connection, and connection with scripture. We also have several "Femaleship" (female fellowship) dinners at various restaurants in the area throughout the year. Click the calendar link above for specific event dates.  Our Women's Ministry Facilitator, Kori Stolzman, can be contacted at kastolzm@gmail.com.  

  • Men's Ministry

    • Men's Firepit - This is a great time for men to get together around the fire and talk about life. Our firepit meetings start in October when the weather cools down and end in March with a NCAA March Madness watch party.  We meet every second Thursday at 7:00pm at the firepit behind Redeemer during those months.
    • Samson Society - A fellowship of Christian men who are serious about authenticity, community, humility & recovery.  Serious, not grave.  Meets weekly on Mondays at Redeemer and via Zoom.  
    • Pastor's Notes-Men's Group - Meets on Thursday mornings via Zoom for a discussion of the upcoming sermon.

  • Redeemer Kids

    Children's Sunday school classes will not meet and the nursery will be closed for the interim, as we closely monitor the COVID-19 situation.  The playground will be open during worship for young children, as needed.  Our live-stream service will be played in the lobby for parents that need to step out of the sanctuary.

  • Redeemer Youth

    Redeemer youth [6th-12th] is not meeting for the interim as we closely monitor the COVID-19 situation.