Local and Global Outreach

In addition to sharing the love of Christ in word and deed through special evangelistic outreaches and mercy ministry projects [i.e. art show, local elementary school supply drive, prayer walks, mission trips], Redeemer is currently partnering with one local non-profit and three global mission projects.

A Woman's Choice

When you’re pregnant and you don’t know what to do, you have several options. It is difficult to make these decisions when you are feeling scared and overwhelmed. You may feel that suddenly your life is out of control. This is the time to talk. The ministry work that is done at A Woman's Choice is not only saving lives, but changing lives for women all over our community, offering hope, love, and a chance at a new life.  

Summer 2019 Mission Trip

Summer 2018 Mission Trip

  • CCM Zambia

    Bennett & Bonnie Lou Ndelemeti are missionaries for The Centre for Christian Missions, a non-profit organization based in Zambia, Africa with the mission of glorifying God by fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ worldwide. Their ministries include several opportunities for Christian education.


  • Andrew & Abby in Africa

    Andrew & Abby Lettsome, and their children Adalyn & Carson are working to build the Kingdom of God in Kenya, East Africa. Abby has a degree in Elementary Education, volunteers at Mount Kenya Baptist Primary School, and helps serve others through her love for hospitality. Andrew uses his training in theology and international business for church centered community development.


  • Other Missionaries

    We regularly support one other global missionary, which cannot be shared on the searchable web due to safety precautions.  Regular updates on this missionary are published in our private app or contact the church office for more information.