Our Story:

In January 2005, a group of people at Trinity Presbyterian Church expressed a desire to plant a church on the south side of Lakeland. This core group began meeting in various locations on Sunday evenings to pray and encourage one another. In 2006 the group began conducting regular Sunday evening services in facilities donated by St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. When St. Stephen’s built a new and larger sanctuary, Redeemer began a full Sunday morning church service, including Christian education. Worship was led by a wonderful group of pastors who rotated duties in the pulpit. In 2008, Rev. David Martin was called as the pastor and we began worshiping at R. Bruce Wagner Elementary School, which was centrally located in the target area of South Lakeland. Redeemer became a particular church within the Presbyterian Church of America on January 30, 2011 [organizing group in background photo].  In December of 2014 we purchased 3.5 acres of land at our current location. By God’s goodness, we were able to build our facility and have our first worship service there on December 24, 2016! Since then, the Lord has graciously added to our number. Our story is just beginning and we welcome you to join us for the next chapter of God’s faithfulness!