What Should I Expect?

What do I wear?

Our church doesn’t have a dress code. We have people who wear sport coats, ties, shorts, jeans, and t-shirts!  You are welcome to come dressed comfortably.

What about my kids?

At Redeemer we LOVE kids! We also think kids seeing and interacting with their parents in worship is a powerful and helpful thing. If you are a parent and are worried your child will be a distraction DON’T BE! Loud “whispering”, occasional whining, and fidgeting are all things that do not bother us at Redeemer. We have note-taking worksheets and crayons available upon request and coloring tables lined with paper in the back of the sanctuary for kids to "take notes" with their illustrations during the sermon.  Our nursery is available for children three(ish) and under, where our friendly, qualified nursery volunteers will take excellent care of them!  It opens at 9:00am for children to be dropped off prior to Sunday school and remains open until the end of worship. We also have a "Bible Story Time" for kids four(ish) thru 2nd grade where the children are taught in interactive bible story lesson and returned to the sanctuary for the benediction.

What’s the music like?

Redeemer’s vision is to encourage and reflect diversity in our worship styles. You will hear many genres of music that are biblically sound, joyful, and worshiping Jesus.

What’s the preaching like?

We believe in preaching the Bible and applying the gospel to all of life. The Bible is God’s story of grace to sinners and his redeeming of all things in Jesus! We practice Biblical exegesis and typically work through a book of the Bible while occasionally practicing topical preaching [i.e. Advent and Summer]. We are currently going through a series on The Sermon on the Mount. Below are some useful links to our bulletin, sermon series, creed, and songs:

worship bulletin

praise to the lord

come thou fount

revelation song

it is well

holy, holy, holy

sermon series